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Teachers, Staff Thank Volunteers

Teachers, Staff Thank Volunteers

Last Friday, Grand Ridge Elementary School teachers and staff members gathered with maracas, tambourines and colorful signs along Northeast Park Drive during the morning drop-off time to thank parents, guardians and volunteers. As families and neighbors (and even a few pets) walked and drove to school on the last day for break, they were surprised by the display.

Principal Jill Ravenscraft said that she and the staff wanted to show their appreciation for volunteers over the past two years.

“I decided quite some time ago that we would do this right before Spring Break if we were able to come out of the most restrictive parts of the pandemic,” Ravenscraft added.

As students arrived at school, a few of the older ones joined teachers, waving signs, hollering their thanks and even soliciting a honk or two from passing trucks.

When it was time to go to class, students and staff made their way into the building on the ridge just as a huge rainbow appeared over the Highlands.

In the photo above, Principal Jill Ravenscraft, right, and Assistant Principal Gary Aguilar, left, hold a sign thanking volunteers.
Below: A Grand Ridge community member pauses to take a photo of staff members during the "thank you" event.
At bottom: Teachers and staff members held signs with messages such as "We <3 our parent volunteers," and "Thank you! You put a smile on my face!"