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Growth in the Garden!

The a tomato in the garden during sunset

Last year, in heavy coordination with and generous volunteerism by the Issaquah Highlands Landscaping Team and the PTSA, Grand Ridge was able to fully clean up and build new gardening beds for our students to use in Gardening Club! Gardening Club is a very popular lunchtime club where students can work in the garden to plant, pull weeds, tend to flowers and vegetables. 

students helping in the garden

Students planting in the Spring

That was last spring, and now, the garden is full! All the hard work has paid off and we now can reap the harvest! These photos were taken in mid-September of the harvest, after a full summer of growth. Grand Ridge was able to donate the first harvest to the Issaquah Food Bank! A wonderful way to kick off the year! 

The garden during sunset

By September, our garden is full!


Leaves surround a tomato in the garden


close up on a pumpkin sitting on gravel in the garden



Flowers from the garden during sunset


the garden during sunset
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