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Grand Ridge Thanks Art Docents

Art Docent Teachers

Art Docents are the Hero's of Grand Ridge Elementary!

The project the art docents are working on are clay tiles decorated with different types of coils in which the students were instructed to design a landscape or other creative image by only using rolled coil pieces of clay.  

Instead of glazing this clay project we thought it would be interesting to introduce a different technique to the 5th graders. We used neon oil pastels to color their clay coil designs. To finish the project we used a 1:1 ratio of black acrylic paint & water mix to paint a wash over the clay tile. Then we rinsed the acrylic paint off and what we were left with was the resist of the oil pastel. The neon colors really popped! Normally we use the oil pastel resist technique with paint on paper but we were happy with how the clay project turned out. 

This year was our first year bringing clay back into the classrooms after a long 3 year hiatus. The Grand Ridge PTSA co-Art Directors Tara Sengamalay and Kathryn Pilapil have been providing the art docents with monthly art lessons featuring famous artists and most recently some culturally inspired projects that they will feature in the Cultural Fair this year.  

When they decided to bring clay back into the program they enlisted the help of Monica DeVore for her experience with past clay projects and her willingness to run the kiln. So far it has been a success!

Student painting on clay.


Students painting on clay.


Student artwork.
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