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Custodian Doug Greathouse Guides Student Recycling Efforts

Custodian Doug Greathouse with student

Our custodian, Doug Greathouse, isn’t just keeping Grand Ridge sparkling clean—he's fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and student involvement through his role working with the “Green Team." As part of King County's Green Schools Program, the Green Team is staffed by student volunteers who work to facilitate recycling efforts at our school.

Students sign up to help during lunches – assisting with guiding students on where and how to dispose of waste and helping to organize the composting and recycling bins.

With so many eager student volunteers, Greathouse maintains a sign-up sheet, and shares, “Most of them are happy when they see their name on the list and say, ‘Yay, I’m cleaning tomorrow'.”

For some, the Team is a chance to take on important responsibilities, and for others, it channels their energy and primes them for focused learning in the classroom. Greathouse says participation in the program helps kids develop a strong work ethic and instills a sense of pride in students as they play an important role in the school’s recycling efforts.

Thank you, Doug, for making an impact in our school community!

Doug Greathouse manages Green Team at lunch.
Green Team helps students recycle at lunch.


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