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Actors, Assemblies and Anti-Bullying

Photo of students watching the play.

On Friday, January 6, students were in for an entertaining lesson. The Taproot Theater (Issaquah) visited the school to tell a story about bullying - more specifically, anti-bullying. The entire story was told through a play that kept students entertained throughout the play's entirety. The plot of the story is explained by Taproot theater: "Things are snug as a bug in a rug at school until the new kid shows up with enviable expertise about bugs. All students think Max is the bee's knees - all of them, except Logan, whose jealousy turns into bullying behavior that's as bad as a case of bed bugs. Will the other students realize they can't just be flies on the wall? Can Max stand up o Logan's bullying behavior? And is there room for new friendship on the playground?"

The educational goals of a play like this are intended to help students recognize, report and refuse behaviors that relate to bullying. It also aims to address being a positive bystander, celebrating differences, and creating new friends.

Photo of actors performing
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